Simple Backyard Landscaping Ideas that cost nothing

To most people, simple backyard landscaping ideas prove quite difficult to achieve. It is because they want to have a lot in a small space or so complex in large spaces. If you were to design your backyard, it would be best if you went for the simplest designs there is. Of course the important factors you should consider before redesigning your backyard are size and space. Your patio should be built depending on proximity to the home, exposure to sun as well as shade, available space and the view. To come up with a simple design requires you to go for ones that blend with your home and stand out from the rest. It isn’t all that hard.

Here are a few tips on simple backyard landscaping ideas:

It doesn’t really matter whether you are in the city or in the country side, you can still pull it off. The simplicity in the design can be achieved when you get to understand what your backyard really needs.

  • Go for low water plants

If you choose mixed perennial beds then you will have a hard time to care for them. Of course they are beautiful but most water plants will need different water needs. Cutting down on costs will need you to start by cutting down on the high water plants. Make it all easy by going for one variety of low water plants. You can fill the entire bed or even the side yard. It will give you a simple yet striking look. Here is an Organic Gardening secret called Aquaponics. If  you want to check or purchase it now click here!

  • Build an outdoor fire pit

One of the simple backyard landscaping ideas is an outdoor fire pit which is simpler than a normal fireplace. You can build an outdoor fire pit with a platform where you can place a few chairs. Just like the old times bonfires families used to have, this can work out for you. Imagine sitting around the fire with your family or even friends having a bonding session. This really makes a simple backyard fire place for you. For Giant Wooden Toppling Tumbling Timbers Tower with Storage Bag click here!   

  • Well-designed wooden deck

You can build a wooden deck where you can place your seats. It really is an awesome place to chill. If worried about how to make it look so pretty, with the lower side completely covered, then you can try adding a few bluestone hardscaping and a few plants boarding the patio. You can also have a water feature alongside it. The view is quite breathtaking.

More tips on simple backyard landscaping ideas

  • Build a new England Fieldstone Wall

This is what most call pretty simple. It involves building a wooden fence gate at the back of the property which you have integrated into a granite wall. There is also a bluestone pathway that you can build which will lead to the back of the property with an awesome view of the nature or ocean if you are near any.

With simple backyard landscaping ideas, you shouldn’t have a hard time making it simple. You also do not need a professional to spell out simple for you. Get designing and enjoy yourself a perfect outdoor getaway.