Awesome Rock Landscaping Ideas Backyard that Work

Coming across rock landscaping ideas backyard can be a bit hard but designing a rock garden is one of the most fun and creative forms of gardening there is. A proper recommendation for first timers is; try not to think too much and too big. If you are looking into a giant hillside, you will be totally overwhelmed. Instead, try to visualize your garden like a beautifully painted jewel box and then design from there. Most people want a rocky garden that has a perfect point of view; where they can sit all day and stare. They can always look forward to evenings and morning just to see the sun set and rise.

Before you begin, here are a few guidelines you can work with for rock landscaping ideas backyard:

  • Varying the size of rocks for your landscaping

When it comes to rocks, you may be looking for different sizes. Your first search should be looking for the exact landscaping stone that goes well with your backyard. You can ask around from friends or a nearby local nursery as to where you will easily access the best landscaping stones. With this you will be prompted to leave big holes that are big enough for rocks, between your plants, and then from there once you have found the best rocks you can work with, place them carefully on those holes.

  • Choose the most appropriate location

You do not want a place that doesn’t look anything like an awesome rocky backyard. If you are lucky enough to have a hill, then you need not strain yourself. If you don’t then you can make your own. In this case you will need to include some larger stones if you are looking to achieve a certain height. Such hills are usually known as berm.

  • Design it on a map

It would be a lot easier if you could draw it on a piece of paper before you begin building. This will help save a great deal of work and time since you may not be sure about moving the rocks to and fro for the right place to put them.  While making the necessary arrangements, you should try your best to mimic nature such as; making random groupings looks more natural than a straight rock alignment.

  • Go for the right plants

In most rock landscaping ideas backyard, it is never only about the rocks but also the vegetation. The best plants are the drought-tolerant and alpine origin. They all require good drainage. Also think of incorporating smaller plants and creeping plants. They are both pretty and fun. Mostly creeping plants soften the edges of rocks.

  • Use soil correctly

When it comes to combining rocks and sand, go for the small rocks and a few inches of sand as well. It is advisable to use soil with low nutrients, just to give your plants the rock garden plant like look.

With the right rock landscaping ideas backyard, you can never go wrong. Start transforming your backyard into that rocky chilling spot you have always imagined.

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