Let Us Help With Your Fall Cleanup Landscaping Needs!

If it seems like the holidays are upon you before you even get your summer clothes put away, you probably don’t have much time to handle your fall cleanup landscaping. However, as an essential aspect of home maintenance this is not something that you should let slip away. So, call us and let our lawn and landscaping experts get everything in order so your lawn will be ready when the frosty winter finally breaks into spring next year!

Weeds that were able to survive the summer can be great burrowing grounds for various pests. Likewise, the leaves that have fallen from local trees can become bedding during the fall and summer. We will clean this debris from your land to ensure that small creatures make their winter home elsewhere.

Have you noticed rain developing little pools on your lawn? Does it take longer for the water to seep into the ground in this area than others? If so, your lawn needs to be aerated. Compressed soil can create growth problems due to poor nutrient absorption. If you aren’t sure about this, our experts can assess the lawn and recommend whether or not your yard is ready for this.

We can also make sure that your flower and garden areas are properly prepared for next spring. Our staff will remove all of the dead growth and weeds that are in the area. We can edge around it and apply any necessary treatments. If you have been growing vegetables this summer, we can till the land and even add nutrients for next year’s crop if you would like.

Of course, it is not just your vegetable garden that needs to be fertilized. Although many people think of fertilizing their yards during the spring and summer, a lush lawn requires year-round tending. We can apply a phosphorous-rich product to enhance and encourage root growth come spring.

We will also make sure that your yard is free from weeds and other debris. Any fallen branches or similar items will be removed, leaving you a safe, clear yard. Before we are finished, our landscape artists will mow your lawn one last time with a lower cut than during the summer. This will help to prepare the grass for upcoming winter and bright new spring to follow.

Another aspect of our fall cleanup landscaping services is to prune all of the bushes, trees and shrubs that are on your property. After removing any dead or damaged branches, we will shape the remaining ones to be ready to bloom and grow beautifully the following season. Likewise, we can help plant your bulbs, shrubs and fall annuals.

It is essential that you get your fall yard cleanup and landscaping taken care of before the first freeze sets in. Instead of trying to fit these things into your already hectic schedule, contact us. Our landscape artists will help get your yard clean and beautiful in no time so you can relax and enjoy a white winter wonderland in your own yard!