Awesome Large Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Large backyard landscaping ideas are quite many. However, for you to achieve the best landscaping for a large backyard you need to have a good design. A good design can be very challenging but if you get the site plan right, then you can work wonders in your backyard. Also don’t forget to focus on the basic layout that will help strike a harmonious balance with garden plantings, paved surfaces and lawn as well. You will end up making proper use of the available space that will create something compelling to look at.

While looking for large backyard landscaping ideas, you should always remember to rely on the site plan and large-scale landscaping design. You are not only creating a backyard or planting a garden but turning your backyard into an intimate outdoor room. Careful dividing of the space and arranging of the bold colored plants brings it close to the idea you intend to have. Your backyard will maintain its attractiveness throughout the seasons. All you need is a good design and an experienced landscaper. This is because large spaces can be a bit tricky, and if you fail to get a professional, you might end up regretting.

Here are a few ideas you can work with:

  • Build an intimate outdoor room

Remember, this is not just an ordinary garden but a backyard where you can carry out different activities. You should design what best suits different moods and activities as well like relaxation, dining with your family and even entertaining. With this you will have achieved an intimate outdoor room.

  • Create a view of large backyard landscaping ideas

Imagine a design that will catch your attention by far. Imagine something that will keep people staring for long hours in amusement. You can include a few viewpoints that will draw your eyes like a large sculpture or even a flower tree. They can be set out as focal points in the whole backyard.

  • Design a kid-friendly backyard

Kids like playing in the garden as much as they love the backyard. If the plants are kid-friendly then you are good to go. Also if the backyard has created space for the kids to run around and play then it is okay.  You could try out Aquaponics for a change!


  • Avoid monotony

It is fun if the backyard has an ever-changing dynamic design that will give it a new look every season. Your backyard need not look the same boring self it has been since you first designed it. You will eventually get tired and want to redo the whole area again.

  • Use tiered planting arrangement

This involves using trees and large shrubs at the back; the shorter shrubs as well as the bold grasses in the middle while the large perennials and dwarf shrubs at the front. It makes your backyard look large and welcoming. It works well for small backyards as well.

With these large backyard landscaping ideas, bet you already know what you want and what you hope to achieve. You can now choose what suits you best and rule out what doesn’t with much ease. Get yourself a professional who will assist you in designing and building and enjoy yourself an awesome backyard experience.